Avionics Group

Due to the high demand for quality Avionics Engineering, Avionics Group was formed January of 1987. We are a group of professionals dedicated to provide customers the latest FAA requirements, DER (Designated Engineer Representative) services, and Avionics Engineering Consulting. We also provide installation support, project management, and logistics for numerous type aircraft. All Engineering Orders are complemented with computer-generated drawings in full compliance to ATA 100 and MIL-C-STD 100 specifications.

Our professionals are degreed experienced engineers with a wide background in Avionics ranging from TAWS, Digital Flight Data Recorder, GPWS, Windshear, Global Navigation Systems, Flight Director, Radio Altimeter, Weather Radar, Mode S Elementary Surveillance, Mode S Enhanced Surveillance, Mode S ATC, and TCAS Systems. We have engineered and installed these systems on passenger, cargo, and privately owned aircraft (DC-9, MD-80, 707, 727-100/-200, 737, 757, DC-8, and L-1011) with optimum results.

In addition to the above we have designed and certified (STC'd) the following 18/22/34 Parameter Flight Data Recorder Systems on DC-9 & 757 aircraft and have developed Engineering Package's for nearly every transport category aircraft in operation today.  We have multiple STC Approvals: Universal and Sandel TAWS, TNL-8100 & HT9000 on DC-8 and L1011 aircraft, Allied Signal TCAS Mode S on L1011, DC-9, and DC-8 Aircraft. We are available for STC development and sales.